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Personal Background


In 2015, I completied a Fine Art Practice degree at the University of Worcester, where I lived for awhile until 2012. Now I'm based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire - closer to my roots in Lancashire.

Current work is done partly via the local hackerspace, Bridge Rectifier.


Artistic Influences


I’m inspired by the bold colour schemes used by Fauvist painters,  and also love experimenting with shadow and lighting effects. I’ve continued to explore these themes throughout the development of my artistic interests.


Recent work explores the impact on the image of the interface used, including:robotic drawing machines; a motion sensor;  a tablet computer;;and print-making. These are combined with drawing, mostly done left-handed for more interesting marks.




For further details, please e-mail me at:

   Artsmill, Linden Road, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7DP


Top Award Winner at Calderdale Open Art Exhibition

(Oct to Nov 2014 at Bankfield Museum, Halifax, HX3 6HG)

All Images Copyright Guy Lymer, 2017